Happy Anniversary

Veronica & Jaime Zalazar
6- 1- 2016

Nancy & Raymond Colon

P.R.U.M.A. sends our well wishes to:

Martha Almaguer

Any Sunshine information on our members will be greatly appreciated, we hope that everyone is well, but if not, we can send out get well wishes…. OR.. Congratulations on the birth of a Grandchild… Or a Graduation of a child, Grandchild or Greatgrandchild!! Our Membership is getting older & many live far away and this is a good place for them to catch up on what’s happening with their
“PRUMA Family”

Please contact. Myra Pagan
(510) 224-0405

Congratulations to Sessalie Sandoval…

She is graduating from UCLA class of 2019!!  She is going on to continue her education in the Medical Field and has her goal set to become a Heart Doctor!  Sessalie is the Granddaughter of Members Lucille and Pete Elisary.  Congrats and Best Wishes on your endeavors Sessalie!!


Clifford Elisary, son of Member Nellie Hernandez, has been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.  He has currently started the first of many treatments and we pray for recovery.   There will be a benefit dance that is in the planning stages, to help with the costs of his treatments.  This Benefit dance is planned for August 10th, 2019.  For more information or to donate, contact Elizabeth Page @ (209)684-4138.

Happy Birthday June

Florence Laboy           6-12
Camille Lopez            6-13
Carlos Feliciano         6-16
Nicole Rodrigues       6-19
Jennifer Rivera         6-20