Happy Birthday April

Gary Mendez  - 4/3 

josephine Ramos  - 4/5 

Keith Rodrigues  - 4/13

Jeffrey Caraballo  - 4/18     
Carolyn Barahona - 4/20     
Margaret Ruiz - 4/22

Christopher Venegas - 4/24

Pamela Sanchez  - 4/25

Helen & Gordon Costa
Alyese & Miguel Carmona
Darlene & Darryl Vegas
Martha & Fausto
Anita & Bryan Valteau

​​​Happy Anniversary

 P.R.U.M.A. sends our get well wishes to:
                    P.R.U.M.A. sends our get well wishes to:

Dolores Mendez had surgery and is home resting.

Ernie Ruiz was in the hospital, treated for an abscess and is home doing very well.

Margaret Ruiz is suffering from her back and can’t get around like she used to, she is home doing well and hospice comes to help the family take care of her.

Martha Almaguer had surgery is having some pain but is home recovering.

Carolyn Barahona had surgery and is home recuperating.

Clifford Elisary, son of Member Nellie Hernandez, is in the Hospital in Thailand. He is scheduled for surgery and we send well wishes for a speedy recovery.

 With deepest  sympathy  we send condolences  to the family of John Velles, Jr.,  who  passed on    July 29th, 2019.  John was the Brother of Members, Tillie Sayers, Nellie Hernandez & Carmelita Pagan.

If you know of anyone in need of Sunshine wishes,

Please contact. Myra Pagan
(510) 224-0405