P.R.U.M.A. sends our well wishes to:

Martha Almaguer


Any Sunshine information on our members will be greatly appreciated, we hope that everyone is well, but if not, we can send out get well wishes if we had the info !! 

Our Membership is getting older & many live far away can Family members please help

PRUMA to keep in touch!!

Call Myra @ (510) 224-0404

Happy Anniversary

Ernest & Camille Lopez


Tony & Janet Pagan


Troy & Melissa Molina

7/ 4/2004 


Happy Birthday July

Jeffrey Pagan         7/2     

Charmine Giel        7/7

Anita Ramirez       7/7 

Lucille Elisary        7/18          

Michelle Troche       7/20         Stephanie Torres     7/28