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Here we are going into the 6th month of the year, half of the year has passed and there doesn't seem to be much change in the Membership attendance at our General Meetings. I've advocated for PRUMA for many years, and at the beginning of the year I asked that you all mark your calendars to remind yourselves of the 1 day of the month that we can come together as a whole and make PRUMA relevant in today's times and for the future. I relize that we have an aging membership, but as I said earlier, I'm sure for those that are able, they would like to get out and with the help of family maybe make the trip for fellowship and potluck luncheon!

We would also like to see more attendance at our dance functions, doesn't anyone want to support our Club and those Musicians that take the time and effort to come and provide some of the best entertainment for the Puerto Rican Community?? We will be having a Scholarship Award-80th Anniversary Dance in July, this dance is not only to raise funds for our Scholarships, but to celebrate 80 years of the Puerto Rican Union of Mutual Aid, Inc. We the Board pf PRUMA hope the Members will step up and help us continue to have an existence in the future.

Cynthia Caraballo


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Thinking about having a party, PRUMA Center is available for rental.  Members get a discounted rental rate.  Full bar available.  210 people capacity. Great for family reunion parties, dinner/dance, bridal & baby showers.  Contact: Martha Almaguer 510 -386-1637 for rates and availability.

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                                 Mission Statement
                    Puerto Rican Union of Mutual Aid, Inc.

Our mission as an association is to unite the Puerto Rican people of the greater Bay Area by providing a warm, clean, friendly environment that develops our rich cultural heritage through our food, dance and customs. Putting an emphasis on education for our youth through scholarships and growing our ability to become a greater facilitator to our people by providing mutual aid and benefits to those in need growing the association by outreach and focusing on young Puerto Rican families. Encouraging each other by exemplifying honor, dignity and true Puerto Rican pride. 

Who is PRUMA? Puerto Rican Union of Mutual Aid, Inc. was organized in May 1937 and incorporated July 7, 1937. Our motto is to "Advance with Progress". The Association was founded by a group of Puerto Ricans who came from Hawaii to the East Bay and wanted to create a benevolent organization to further their people. The purpose for the Association is to help other Puerto Ricans in the San Francisco Bay Area. We bring the Puerto Rican community together keeping the culture alive through our Jibaro music and Puerto Rican food. We hold regular dances and raise funds for educational scholarships and other community benefits. We are proud to have Carmelita Pagan as our current President. Contact: Carmelita Pagan  650-575-7601  or at

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